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The archival documents are kept for the period:

from the beginning of the XX century to the present

The main body of the archival documents is concentrated in the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine. Here are kept the transcripts of congresses and conferences, documents of the top party leadership for the period from 1918 to 1991. The Department’s of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine materials, information documents of the party’s regional committees sent to CC CP Ukraine are represented. They give a complete picture of the party-state system’s formation, reveal it’s mechanism, describe the political, economic and cultural life of the republic in the Soviet period (1918-1991).

The party funds of editions of newspapers and magazines, research and educational institutions of the Communist Party of Ukraine are kept in the archive.

In the fund of the Central Committee of the Lenin Komsomol Youth Union of Ukraine (LCYU) (1919-1990) presented reports of congresses, conferences, plenary sessions of the Bureau and the Secretariat of the Central Committee LCYUU; documents of the Central Committee LCYUU departments, regional organizations, the Komsomol underground (1941-1945), the Republican Komsomol School of the Central Committee LCYUU of Ukraine; materials of Komsomol newspapers’ and magazines’ editions.

Events of the Ukrainian revolution of 1917-1920 are represented in funds of the Ukrainian political parties: the Ukrainian Social Democratic Labour Party (independent), the Ukrainian Party of the Left Socialist Revolutionaries (borbystiv), the Ukrainian Party of Socialist Federalists, the Ukrainian Communist Party (Borotbystiv), the Ukrainian Social Democratic Labour Party, the Communist Party of Eastern Galicia, the Communist party of Western Ukraine, local committees of the Russian Social-democratic Labour Party (Bolsheviks) and others.

In the funds of the Jewish political parties and organizations Bund, Komfarband, the Jewish Social Democratic Party “Poalei Zion” and the Jewish Communist Party “Poalei-Zion”, the Jewish Labour Party of Socialist terytorialistiv, the United Jewish Socialist Workers Party, the Zionist organizations, local committees of political parties, youth organizations are represented.

The funds of the archive present the most comprehensive documental complex of the Soviet partisan movement in Ukraine during the Second World War (Documents of the Ukrainian Partisan Movement Headquarters, more than 70 partisan formations, among them - the connection under the command of the S. Kovpak, A. Fedorov , N. Naumov, O. Saburov, and other partisan groups, including those operating in Czechoslovakia, Poland and in the other countries of Central and South-Eastern Europe).

The Museum’s of the liberation struggle of the Ukrainian people in Prague documents and materials about the public associations’ and activists’ of the Ukrainian emigration activities in the 20th – 40th years of XX century are kept in the archive. Documentary complex of the museum is represented with the materials of the Ukrainian academic community, the Central immigrant Union of Ukrainian students, the National Union of Ukrainian, the Ukrainian Historical and Philological Society, the Society of UNR’s Former Soldiers, the Ukrainian Plast Union, the Union of Ukrainian doctors and the other organizations. The complex contains the correspondence of many representatives of the Ukrainian elite: V. Vynnychenko, S. Petlyura, S. Smal-Stocky, O. Kandyba (Olzhych), V. Petriw, A. Livytsky, Antonovych family and others.

In the archive are stored handed over from Security Service of Ukraine criminal cases of repressed by the GPU-NKVD-KGB in 1920-1950 citizens of Kiev and Kiev region. Among them are documents related to prominent figures of science, literature, art: academicians A. Krimsky, E. Timchenko, A. Goldman, A. Hrushevsky; writers Ostap Vyshnya (P. Gubenko), S. Pylypenko L. Starytska-Cherniakhivska; artist M. Ivasyuka; clergymen-metropolitans of Ukrainian Autocephalous Church V. Lypkivsky, V. Ermakov et al.

Archive contains D. Korotchenko, S. Kovpak, F. Sergeev (Artem), G. Petrovskiy, A. Fedorov, P. Shelest personal funds of documents; collections of records pertaining to the history of Communist Party of Ukraine; leaflets of German-Soviet war 1941-1945; funds of documents of the various committees from different periods of the USSR history.

Today Archive accumulates the new sources – the documents of contemporary Ukrainian political parties and public associations. For safekeeping are obtained documents of:

  • Narodnyi Rukh of Ukraine;
  • Ukrainian Republican Party;
  • Liberal Party of Ukraine;
  • Democratic Party of Ukraine;
  • Republican Christian Party of Ukraine;
  • Socialist Party of Ukraine;
  • Party “Reforms and Order”;
  • Ukrainian Peoples’ Party “Sobor”;
  • National Council of Women of Ukraine;
  • Democratic People's Association “New Ukraine”;
  • All-Ukrainian Association of Left Forces “Justice”.

The main body of those sources consists of the founding congress protocols, position papers (statutes, programs and electoral platforms), materials of congresses and conferences, minutes of meetings of central bodies, documents of regional, district and city organizations, election campaign materials, newsletters of press services, publications and so on.